Dravidian University Vice-Chancellor Kankanala Ratnaiah announced to work towards establishing a literary chair in the name of noted scholar ‘Puttaparthi Narayanacharyulu’ at the varsity.
Speaking at the three-day national conference on ‘Puttaparthi Narayanacharyulu’ currently under way, Mr. Ratnaiah recollected his literary works and announced to establish the chair after obtaining permission from ‘Official Language Commission’.
 Yogi Vemana University vice-president B. Syamasundar urged the students and teachers to refrain from using non-Telugu words during conversation. He further advised them to undertake research on works of ‘Puttaparthi’.
Ms. Naga Padmini, daughter of ‘Puttaparthi Narayanacharyulu’, recited selected poetry from his works. Sri Krishnadevaraya University Telugu Professor G. Balasubramanyam spoke on the poem ‘Meghasandesam’. Researchers from various states are taking part in the event, which concludes on Wednesday.